ULIXO SPORTS is one of the Pakistan’s leading manufacturing and trading company, at the front line of idea structure, model development and full-scale creation; delivering and circulating Products of the highest caliber to little and medium measured Brands.

We have deliberately put fabricating offices, which gives us the capacity to have the option to deliver things at both low amounts and mass the same. Because of steady advancement, ULIXO SPORTS is pleased to offer industry driving least request amounts for the creation of custom products.

Our clients incorporate prominent games clubs and sportswear organizations in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and numerous European nations. We make according to client necessities on group sportswear. Bespoke is our center name!

Our most well-known items incorporate –

American Football outfits – (pullovers and jeans)

Soccer – Knit outfits (pullovers and shorts)

Rugby outfits – (pullovers and shorts)

B-ball garbs – (shirts and shorts)

Baseball outfits – (pullovers)

MMA Shorts and Compression

Yoga and Fitness Wear



Preparing vests

Polyester Polo shirts

Ice hockey shirts

Downpour coats

what’s more, considerably more! It would be ideal if you peruse our site, and see our numerous instances of real items we have made.

We have our very own wide scope structures in our product offerings, and new plans are being grown consistently. Carry your plans to us, and we can make them a reality.

We invite your new plans and can build up any structure after accepting portrayals, fine art, and different subtleties.

Our turnover time is 6 to 10 weeks for the underlying industry, contingent upon request size and intricacy. For rehashed business, turnover time is commonly a month and a half.

we are hanging tight for you as our client/vendor.